History of Film

In the late 1800s, entertainment was characterized by lower technology compared to what we have today. However, this was less more of an obstacle but rather an opportunity that saw the development of film. It took 120 years since the very first attempts at making moving pictures with the use of consecutive still images. Films have had a long journey with regard to both technical achievement and storytelling. This article will visit the history books to see just how far films have come to be what we are accustomed today.

History of film
The exact date of films is unknown. However, in the late 19th century, numerous inventors all over the world started a race to be the first person to create hardware that was capable of recording as well as displaying film. French brothers known as Louis and Antoine Lumiere are the individuals who are credited with the invention or birth of the cinema/film in 1985. The first film by the brothers was called Workers leaving the Lumiere factory in Lyon. It was basically a documentary that lasted 46 seconds.

Film making is only possible if multiple shots are edited into one film so as to create a narrative. The very first examples of edits date back in 1900. The first film that used varying cuts to narrate a story is a short film called Grandma’s Reading Glass by George Albert Smith.

Feature film
The first ten years of film making so movie creators focus on short films that were run on one reel. The first standard feature film was made in 1906 and was called The Story of the Kelly Gang.

The talkies
In 1927, the first film that combined synchronized audio track was made. It was called The Jazz Singer. By the year 1929, most Hollywood films were considered talkies since they combined sound effects, music and dialogue.

Colored in
Color in films was only experienced in the early 20th century. The year 1912 saw with our King and Queen through India become the first film to effectively capture natural color rather than the use of colorization techniques.

Surround sound
The first film with surround sound which was popularly called Fantasound then was created in 1940.

20th Century Fox launched a technology called Cinemascope was launched in 1953. The technology resulted in images that are wider and larger. Its aspect ratios are still used in modern films to date despite the fact that newer technologies have rendered it redundant.

3D was experienced in films in the 1950s. The very first film to be released as a color stereoscopic 3D film is Bwana Devil in 1952.

1970 saw the first IMAX film called Tiger Child as people started preferring higher resolution films. The high resolution meant that viewers could sit closer to the screen without any problem.

Dolby sound
Dolby Labs was the company that created the cinema sound called Dolby Sound in the 1970s. The first film to use Dolby Sound was A Clock Work Orange.

The comprehensive history of film is lengthy, the above write-up is not exhaustive as it only highlights the milestones in the interesting history of film. All in all, it teaches us to appreciate how far film entertainment has come.


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